Monday, April 30, 2007

Name Drop

Name Drop Part 1

Name Drop Part 2

Living in LA means that you see celebrities, and occasionally you even interact with them. I don't have a problem with hearing those "I saw a famous person" stories. I've told them myself. I also don't mind when someone mentions someone who is well known and whom they know well in the context of a conversation where that information is relevant and interesting. However!, rampant false random name dropping is a different story altogether. And as you can see, it's not my cup of tea.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

HOORAH!!!! I GOT A SCANNER!!!!- Return of the Comix "Reality TV Casting"

I bought a scanner today!!!*
And even though I am currently unemployed, I look at this as an excellent opposed to a frivolous irresponsible waste of money.

This comic is all about my life in TV Land:
Casting Part 1

Casting Part 2

Casting Part 3

*Elliot, it turns out I have to contact the manufacturer to get the power source for the scanner you gave me...and I was just too antsy, and this one was a good deal, and I'm stoked about owning my own! I will return the one you graciously gave me soon.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

3D Drawing Pad

I got a 3D Drawing Pad for my birthday...and if you have a pair of 3D glasses lying around, take a look, this little alien will pop out even off the computer.

3D Doodle

As for the comics, I just got my hands on a scanner that is missing a power source. So as soon as I can get the missing piece, I will start scanning and posting new work. Ugg, it is taking forever, I know.

Monday, April 02, 2007

new comics in the works

I just spent the past two+ weeks in San Francisco and Chicago casting a new network show.
We worked all day and all night and pretty much every minute that I wasn't sleeping.

Miraculously, the weather was gorgeous in each city while we were there. It was perfect spring weather...even in Chicago! It was 75 degrees there for a few days!

Anyway, I spent a lot of time going to bars and parks and gyms searching for single attractive people. I got really good at approaching strangers and asking them if they wanted to be on TV (but I had really classy ways of saying it). I also heard some of the WORST pick-up lines of my life. Including, an off-duty police officer from NY asking about the style of my nether regions.

I'll be back to blogging, and comic-making soon. I promise.