Friday, January 19, 2007

3 Part Attempt

Scrounge- Part 1

Scrounge- Part 2

Scrounge- Part 3

These were less about trying to be funny, and more of an attempt at story-telling. I'm still in the learning/experimental phase of comic-making...and I'm pretty sure this phase won't end anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

scrounging is better than buying something at the cafeteria because a) Bon Appetite charges, for example, 1.35 for a banana, b) not all of us at this expensive college have a lot of cash laying around--some of us work hard just to pay for rent and books c) sometimes you forget to pack breakfast/lunch/dinner

Sonya said...

I'm not knocking scrounging...just marvelling at it through loving teasing. As noted, I even scrounged myself. And trust me, I never had a lot of cash at reed (lots o financial aid and many summers working my butt off), but there are definitely some scroungers who did have money, but chose to scrounge either for 1) the "cool" factor (because scrounging is cool at Reed), 2) because it's not wasteful, or 3) because it's cheap. The fact remains, when you tell non-reedies about it they think it's gross and weird, and I still think it's amazing that Reed made it more than socially acceptable, but even socially desireable.

KBAB said...

interesting...i liked this one even though it wasn't funny in a laughing way, but it was funny in a hmmm way