Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Break Time

I'm taking a short comic-posting break.
For one, I think I might be done with the Reed series for now; I might start transitioning into post-Reed topics.
For two, there are lots of transitions going on. I'm ending one job, and starting a new job this week...and so my brain is kind of overloaded with issues relating to change.

Thanks for taking a look at my comics, and I promise to start posting regularly in the very nearest future (i.e. next week).

1 comment:

yuli said...

hey boobah
i just read through a bunch of these posts and they're so delicate and right and funny and witty (the stuff about 'hot and bothered in the library' is so true, but i think it has more to do w/the death drive than anything else)

i hope you're having fun in SF right now. here things are splendid.