Thursday, February 01, 2007

Coup Finale- Episode 3

Coup- 3.1



Small college communities often bestow a sense of importance on their attendees. That sense of one's own awesomeness that a tight knit community inspires spoils you for the rest of your life. Everytime something like the Coup experience happened, I wish some secret agent would have run up to me to say: "COLLEGE IS NOTHING LIKE THE REAL WORLD!!!!"


Benito said...

Definitely your best work yet. Your post-it comix are reminders, certainly, but they remind you what it's like to be 21. Please keep going!

Sonya said...

Thank you!!! I appreciate the feedback!

yuli said...

what about the blast master?

Sonya said...

Don't worry,
I haven't forgotten about him. I'm still down with BDP. The coup came first though.