Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not quite a comic

Things that were on my Computer

It's my last day at work, and I realized how much post-it art was stuck to the edges of my computer monitor. Elliot and another friend made a couple of them. The smallest fortune cookie fortune reads "You are on the right track now". I got that fortune on one of my first days of work.


E said...

I love the Freudian implications of the Sonya Meters juxtaposed with the fortune cookie caption.

psychodarlingangel said...

nice blog! i remember being so "addicted" to the different colors/shapes/designs of post its once. haha! love your doodles :)

stephanie said...

glad you changed it so i could comment, because i miss your comics. you are on my daily list (right after elliot) of sites i check. i hope you get back up and running after you've settled into the new job!

Sonya said...

Thanks y'all for all the support.
I promise to make some more soon!

Stephanie, I'm really glad you like the blog, it's always nice to know you have some readers out there.